Custom Fabrications

Winery Tank Top Covers

Apple Awnings fabricates open tank top fermenter covers for any size tank with a design that is strong, durable and lightweight. These covers allow easy access to маршрут прогулки по Москве and the tanks during fermentation, as well as offer excellent protection for the wine from outside pollutants.

Antartica Telescope Cover

A Telescope named DASI – the “Degree Angular Scale Interferometer” – was designed in the late 1990’s by scientists from the University of Minnesota and M.I.T. to reveal more about the beginning of our Universe some 14 billion years ago. It was placed at a South Pole Research Station where the air is exceptionally dry, clear, and cold! DASI is a VERY big telescope with many working parts that allow it to move in all directions, and these working parts need protection from the frigid cold. It was in 1998 that Pete Stuart received a phone call from a gentleman in Arizona who was part of the team of contractors that were in charge of DASI’s construction. He needed a cover design and it seems that a mutual colleague had recommended Pete (aka “Captain Canvas’) for the job. He went to work and made a miniature model of an insulated frame and cover, the scientists gave their approval, and Apple Awnings spent most of the summer constructing and sewing one of the most remarkable and unique projects they had ever had. Needless to say, when Pete received a phone call in the spring of 2013 from the University of Minnesota asking if he could recreate the same cover due to an unfortunate accident at the South Pole that damaged DASI’s frame, he took a big sigh…thanked his lucky stars that his original drawings were still intact…and got to work!